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I have had a first account experience with how tremendously traumatic it can be for someone to loose their hair”, says Rebeca Bahadoran, founder of Rebeca Doran of Sweden. Health care today is not optimally suited for those suffering from hair loss and does not grasp what it means for a person. Treatment for this illness is considered an aesthetic issue, which makes it hard for many people that actually need help. I feel like I have a responsibility, with the knowledge and competence I possess, I want to offer the help I can. Rebeca Doran is a Swedish company with products that help against fighting and ultimately resolving scalp problems and hair loss. This is a company with a very well established social entrepreneurship and a socially responsible culture that permeates the establishment.

During the last 15 years, the entirety of the focus has been on working with hair and scalp deficiency. Trichology is the name of the very advanced method of diagnostic and treatment of hair and scalp problems. The trichology method and its associated treatments build on a patented collection of natural products. – Our products include only active and natural ingredients”, says Rebeca.

Effective scalp treatments that optimises the prerequisites for healthy hair growth as well as regrowth. Treatments that reinforce and fortify against hairloss through compensating for the lack of nourishment in and around the hair follicle as well as promoting healthy, thick, and glowing hair. Rebeca has worked via homeopathy, to test and to foolproof different blends and treatments. The production of Rebeca Doran of Sweden products takes place within a well reputed and world renowned Italian laboratory within the beauty/cosmetics industry. Rebeca has hand picked the best products on the current market, participated in its patenting and hence developed a product with a sharper efficiency and enriched the results of the products. – The reason I started my own brand is because I wish to develop and have the opportunity to work with real quality. Every specific ingredient and product in my collection has a purpose and goal. You cannot make sacrifices on the quality or reduce the active ingredients due to costs. I do not wish to work in this way. I want to primarily find the absolute best product and secondly, to then look at the economical aspect. There is a profit in my line of work that revolves around helping to improve the daily life for others. This overshadows the financial gain I retain, even though I realise that I am running a company.

Rebeca unfolds stories about customers who write enticing private letters in order to show gratitude for the help or in some cases to ask for a solution. Many individuals feel incredibly depressed and sad about their hair loss and is some rare cases, individuals that are starting to suffer from suicidal tendencies. – This gives me reason not give up In my work, but to continue forward. I have a strong engagement within the cause for sick children and the young community with cancer, including young adults that deal with loosing their hair. It sets a deep sorrow in my heart whilst simultaneously pushes me in my work. I am also working towards making these types of treatments be covered by health insurances. A percentage of the profits goes to charity. This was a founding thought that Rebeca has always had integrated and had with her since founding the company. A thought that she equally wishes for her reseller to fulfil.

Rebeca started the company in order to help others. She uses her many years of experience, deep knowledge, and a constantly updated competence & willpower to do what she is good at, and to furthermore use this to do good by others. This approach creates a deeper meaning for the overall daily work and workload. Within the near future, Rebeca Doran of Sweden will launch 70 new products for hair loss and scalp problems. Natural and clean products in the form of schampoo, spray, lotions, apply-on/cream, and patches. In order for you to sell these products, you must have an education corresponding to Beautician, dermatologist, hairdresser or nurse. There is also a 5 day foundational course taken place in Rebecas own school, the Rebeca Doran Academy. Rebeca Doran of Sweden has resellers across Iran. The products are also sold within clinics located in Norway that work specifically with hair loss and other places including Russia, Los Angeles, and the USA. There is a current testing period where the products are being sold within selected pharmacists across Sweden.

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